Dog Owners Reviews Rockville Dog Training

Glenda did an excellent job of explaining the techniques and why Bark Busters uses them. I was very impressed by the improvement after just one session. It is a kinder way to train your puppy.
M. Muldoon, Rockville, MD 18th July 2006

Glenda was an excellent and patient trainer...changed our everday lives!
C. Schaer, Gaithersburg, MD 18th July 2006

It was very easy to understand. Glenda does a great job of presenting the information. I saw a major improvement well before the session was over. It was much better than having to have plenty of treats or using lots of words they don't understand. If Glenda can help my Snowflake she can help any dog.
D. Allison, N. Potomac, MD 18th July 2006

Jack, our 7-mo-old German Shepherd, had trained us to fulfill his every want!! In the 6 weeks we had him prior to our training session, he was basically running our home! It is so amazing how much more we enjoy eachothers company and how much calmer he is!! He is more relaxed since he has realized that we are in charge! Thank you!!
Lenny & Patty L., Rockville, MD 14th June 2006

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