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On the very first day together, we experienced a miracle. Our black short-haired pointer stopped jumping on us and other people. This was amazing! Also, on that day, our she was taught to sit and not bolt for the door when someone rang the bell. These miraculous achievements were worth the entire program. Thank you Glenda Cohen for the gift of joy that comes from sharing our home with a truly well-behaved canine.
BERT AND BARBARA R., POTOMAC, Maryland 21st December 2013
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Bert and Barbara. It is a pleasure to work with people who are so dedicated to making their already wonderful girl even more amazing. Glenda

Glenda Cohen is a delight to work with! She's always upbeat and you can tell that she not only understands dogs, but also loves them. I love her training techniques and better yet, they work!
Wendy M., cabin john, Maryland 25th June 2013

Glenda explained the techniques very clearly. I felt that I had a good appreciation of how the training would go. Murphy continues to get calmer and calmer. He is substantially more manageable now as a result of the training. Both Murphy and I have enjoyed our time with Glenda. The training has made a big difference! Glenda is terrific! She is very easy to talk to and really focuses on everything Murphy does. She's great!
Beverly C., potomac, Maryland 30th May 2013

Glenda was very good and explained everything thoroughly. Before Glenda left, my puppy Rudy was already behaving better and we felt like we had more control. We looked forward to our sessions, they were so helpful. Since we started with Bark Busters, I have already recommended them twice and will continue to sing their praises. Rudy is so much more enjoyable because we have more control plus he is a happy pup!
Leanne M., olney, Maryland 21st January 2013

I have 3 dogs. A Bernese Mountain, an Old English Sheepdog and a Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker is a rescue who was abused by his previous owners for the first 2½ years of his life; the Sheepdog is 2 years old and the Berner is now 1 year old but was 7 months old when Glenda first started working with him. I got Glenda because the Berner always barked and slobbered over the Cocker when anyone came into my house and it was making Jake crazy and me crazy too. Jake ended up soaking wet and he basically ignored Elvis when he did this to him. Jake is the alpha dog and Elvis wants to be the alpha. Glenda tried all the exercises that work for most dogs who have similar issues and none of them really worked for more than one try. She eventually brought in another trainer from Bark Busters and the two of them found that nothing worked for any length of time. They both said that they'd never seen such a stubborn dog in all the years that they've been trainers. The other issue was that Elvis refused to walk on a leash. Glenda did get him walking, and he did very nicely on the leash. He will only walk now when another of my dogs goes with him, at least to start, and he does walk well. We are still working on getting Elvis to walk alone on a leash and I am certain that Glenda will find a way to do this very soon. He is improving on this issue. We have shortened the time that Elvis bothers Jake when people come into my house; instead of slobbering and barking at him for 20 minutes or so he now does it for 5-10 minutes, so we're making progress on this issue. The walking issue we will work on again so that he will walk alone, without one of the other dogs with him. Glenda has been truly wonderful to work with and all my dogs like her. She is very positive in her approach to them and in her training methods, and this has worked out quite well. I would certainly recommend Glenda to other people in need of dog training and in fact have made such a recommendation. We will continue to work together and I appreciate that she's willing to do this. Next week she is coming very early in the morning to walk with me and my Sheepdog who needs some training while walking. I'm sure that we will be successful with her training process. I have had dogs all my life and have used a number of trainers, both in classes and privately one on one. Glenda is, by far, the best trainer I've ever had. She has many more methods of working on various issues and is very patient with both me and my dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to get her if/when I ever got another dog. I have never gotten any of the other trainers I've used in the past for more than one dog, so just the fact that I would get Glenda again is quite an endorsement. She is a terrific trainer and a very nice woman. THANK YOU GLENDA!!
Shelli Ochsman, Potomac 6th September 2012

With just a few visits, my bichon, Chloe, is behaving much better. She doesn't make quite a fuss when the doorbell rings. Glenda is a wonderful trainer.
Susan C., North Bethesda 9th August 2012

Glenda is wonderful. She really helped us when we first adopted our dog ( five years ago). Friends and family were amazed by his change in behavior. We recently had a baby and called Glenda to come out and help us with the transition. We saw immediate results. Thanks Glenda for everything!!
Michele Balcerek, Germantown 3rd July 2012

Our new rescue Yorkie was such a challenge that it affected the quality of our lives. We toughed it out for four months until our family dog started to act out too-it was time for the pros. Glenda Cohen with Bark Busters has helped us prioritize areas that needed immediate attention and we've seen results in every area she's tackled to date-everything is so much more manageable and getting better every day. Her commitment, professionalism and results have made us so happy we chose Bark Busters. She really is the "dog whisperer" we needed to help bring peace and order into our home!
Sirena, Rockville 28th September 2011

Glenda started working with us 6 years ago, in 2006 and my dog has been the best dog we had so far. We moved 3 times to different addresses in Montgomery County and she came back when we needed her every time with no cost. My daughter is 2 years old and she can walk a Cocker Spaniel around the block without any problems. That's how awesome she trained our dog Luna. It was very worth it. "SHE IS THE BEST"!
Clarissa Willis, Noth Potomac 10th September 2011

Glenda came to see us after a two year absence to help Betsy, our yorkie mix, to stop barking when somebody comes to the door. She gave us good suggestions and did not charge us for the visit.
Susan Corrigan, North Bethesda 10th March 2011

We inherited Bark Busters from Moo Moo's previous owners. As soon as Glenda came in the door, I saw a difference in her unruly behavior. Moo Moo is a very energetic and strong minded pit bull. Two hours working when Glenda, who was very patient and addressed all of our concerns, has given us a new dog. Moo Moo behaves on a leash and in our yard off of the leash. We can now enjoy letting her run in the yard and know that she will not try to jump and play bite. She even insists on waiting for us to enter the house first! We are loving the difference that the training has made. Working with Moo Moo every day for a few minutes has made such a difference in our lives. I have recommended the program to friends that have dogs with behavior issues. Thank you so much, Glenda.
Denise D., Gaithersburg 5th August 2008

We saw instant results! Glenda was able to coach us and adjust the training specifically for the needs of our house.We are so happy -this training method works very well for our dogs and for us!!
Alicia B., Olney 11th May 2008

Glenda was clear and the methods are so sensible and easy to understand. Leo's behavior has improved tremendously. He rarely jumps on members of the family now and is just more pleasant to be around. The methods have become second nature to us now...We have already recommended to many neighbors. Glenda is terrific and we've seen great results. We've been very happy with our decision to use Glenda and Bark Busters.
Sherri and Emil M., Gaithersburg 11th May 2008

Glenda managed to help me control my 5 dogs in 1 visit! I never would have believed that possible. I finally have peace! This program is amazing!!
Peggy B., Germantown 11th May 2008

I contacted Bark Busters 1.5 yrs ago after my mother read an article in the Washington Post. I have a 4 yr-old Lab/Newfie mix. Needless to say, he is very headstrong and behind the 8 ball on training. When I got him, he was over a year old and no training. I tried through a local big chain pet store, but he didn't get it; the second try was with a local company that is owned by a former police dog trainer, no luck with them. Bogie was still headstrong and wanted it his way. Once Glenda came and explained the Bark Busters method, Bogie was actually responding to the commands. I have had to call Glenda back for walking on leash issues for Bogie. He is getting it and we are now using the Canny Collar, which is great. I just had Glenda come out so I can get my Westie/Cairn mix, Gracie, started on the training. She has responded better than Bogie. Thank you to Glenda and Bark Busters. It's a great training method that works!
Holly Dunne, Gaithersburg, 19th February 2008

Glenda: This is to let you know how well behaved on leash Bogie is. He still does not like wearing the gentle leader, but once his focus is on something else, he forgets he's wearing it, but once he remembers, he's crazy to get it off.
Holly D., Gaithersburg 29th May 2007

It was amazing to see Moxie respond so quickly to "bah"-She's been a better, happier dog since just those 2 hours. To us the expense is worth a well trained dog and happy family!
Sarah N., Germantown, MD 23rd August 2006

Unbelievable results! Fantastic! I saw results at the end of the 1st day. The few minutes a day of practice is well worth it. Glenda is easy going, we laughed a lot. It was great!We had giant issues with my dog Woody prior to Glenda, and no other training helped. We are thrilled. I have had Woody to group training, individual training, and nothing worked. I am very very happy with Bark Busters. Although cost was a possible deterent, the results make every penny worthwhile!
Nancy B., Gaithersburg, MD 23rd August 2006

Glenda is a dog trainer and also one of Aspen's biggest fans. When I was not sure where to go next to get Aspen to the next level, I called Glenda. Glenda sat me down and explained how she teaches the owner to change the dogs behavior. Then we put the theory into action and within one hour, Aspen was changed dramatically. By
Dan K., Gaithersburg, MD 3rd August 2006

The method is easy to use and we saw immediate results. The practices are easy to do. We have a rescued dog that we have had for 6 years. I have not been able to bond with her due to her aggressive nature and barking. She had been in a training class where she earned her "certificate." After that she had been to a vet behaviorist for evaluation and medication. This did not cure her of the barking and aggression. With Glenda and the Bark Busters sessions we have seen a change in the dog's behavior as we her owners have become trained in methods to effectively deal with these problems. Not only are we pleased with the results we have observed in our dog's behavior but the dog seems calmer and more peaceful. This was an investment well worth making.
Gayle & Sharon R., Hyattsville, MD 18th July 2006

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