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Glenda had been endlessly helpful to working with Luka and myself on his reactivity issues. She instructed me on mg disagreement techniques, relaxation techniques, unique equipment that I was unfamiliar with, as well as benefits and long term goals. Glenda was patient, relaxed, focused throughout all of our visits, ensuring that I understood the directions and techniques to help Luka evolve into a more relaxed dog enabling greater access to going out into the community. I can't express enough appreciation add to how Glenda had helped us. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone who is challenged by behavior issues with their dog.
Bonnie S., Rickville, Maryland 4th September 2016

Glenda is excellent! I have two adult rescue dogs, a chocolate lab puppy, and a recent significant change in family dynamics that was causing one of my rescues to act aggressively. Glenda quickly identified the problem and gave me strategies to remedy the situation. We haven't had a single dog fight since, whereas before they were occurring a few times a week. She brought calm and control back to my house. Glenda also gave me great tips for working with my puppy and correcting some smaller annoyances with my adult dogs. I am a self-proclaimed "dog person" and feel like I have a very good understanding of dogs, but she really educated me to a new level. She is absolutely worth the investment!
Kendall S., Gaithersburg, Maryland 22nd July 2016

Glenda is the best. We had been to other trainers for our hyperactive labradoodle, but after just the first session, Glenda provided techniques and training our whole family could use. She really seems to care about her clients, and even helped us to diagnose a digestive problem with Callie. I can't speak highly enough about our Barkbusters experience.
Gabrielle D., Olney, Maryland 23rd June 2016

From the very first lesson, we saw changes in Bella's behavior and our behavior. It's a training not only for your dog but for us as doggy parents! We learned to be consistent, anticipate behaviors we wanted to not have occur, reward her appropriately, use appropriate tone of voice, and so many other things we needed to do the right way! It was so important to do this training in our home where the behaviors were occurring and where Glenda could observe us and observe Bella. The one-on-one training was essential and resulted in much faster and more tailored progress than if we had done a group class outside our home environment. I highly recommend Glenda and the Bark Buster system of in-home individualized training that works!! We are so pleased with Bella's new behaviors and it's reduced the stress in our home for us and for her. We are all so much happier! And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.....Bella is almost 8. I also like the lifetime support. Since Glenda now knows us and our dog, we can call her when some behavior occurs that we don't know how to manage and she can talk us through it on a quick phone call!! Glenda "speaks dog" and she definitely "speaks dachshund" in our case! Thanks Glenda!!
Ellen F., Gaithersburg, Maryland 16th May 2016

We found Glenda to be very knowledgeable and patient with us as we learned new (and much better!) ways of communicating with our feisty dachshund.
Joan P., Gaithersburg, Maryland 16th May 2016

I will highly recommend Glenda and Bark Busters. She is a fabulous training and has been a great help in the training of our new "high energy" puppy. She has a great demeanor with both people and dogs and utilizes only a positive training approach that works wonders:)
Lauren K., Potomac, Maryland 7th May 2016

Within minutes of entering the room, Glenda commanded the respect of my unruly German Shephard puppy Sasha. My dog used to bark incessantly at people and other dogs and now with the proper training, barking has significantly decreased. She still has episodes but that is just a matter of reinforcing training on my part. Training a dog is just as much as training an owner and that is something Glenda does superbly. I would recommend her services to anyone.
C A., Rockville, Virginia 6th May 2016

Glenda is a magician! I couldn't believe it when I saw my dog obeying her commands after just a few minutes of knowing her. I learned not only how to command and set rules for my dog, but more importantly - I learned to understand what were the reasons for every behavior and also to know what to expect from my dog. Glenda is super professional and my dog's behavior is so much better! Thank you Glenda! It was a pleasure knowing you!
Sharon D., Rockville, Maryland 2nd May 2016

We just rescued a 6 month old puppy who needed quite a bit of training. Glenda is a wonderful dog therapist. She is quite knowledgeable and very understanding. Most importantly she Is very patient and will take time to explain every technique used. I highly recommend her.
Argo C., Pitimac, Maryland 12th January 2016

I spent three sessions with Glenda to help me with my puppy, Moseley, who is my first ever dog. It was the best money and time I have ever spent. She helped me with jumping, door manners, potty training, pulling on the leash and basic corrective behaviors. What I appreciated most was I never felt judged by her if I was doing something wrong. Moseley had potty training issues (more on that later) that was a challenge and I wasn't sleeping through the night because Moseley wasn't sleeping through the night and I tried some things that worked (kinda) and some things that did not. She understood my frustration, my thought processes even though I was doing things wrong. Most behaviors were fixed LIKE THAT. Moseley completely responded to training and it was a HUGE relief. It was truly amazing. People at the dog park even mentioned how much better he was. It really was amazing how quick everything, but potty training, was fixed. The last session we had we discussed nothing but potty training. Glenda highly recommended that I take him to the vet the next day even though I had an appointment scheduled a week or so later. But I took her advice and it turned out he had a UTI. After the very first dose of meds I gave him, he slept through the night. Unbelievable. He hasn't not slept through the night since and I feel so much better. I hope he does too. Glenda told me that since he was so quick to learning better behaviors that most likely the potty training issues were physical. And she was absolutely right. He's not 1000% potty trained but it's almost there. It's now what I envisioned having a dog should be. I am so happy I hired her and can't thank her enough.
Kimberly O., Gaithersburg, Maryland 27th November 2015

We had a lot of problems with our 10-year old miniature poodle who had many bad behaviors: he was aggressive, stubborn and hard to control. Because of his age we didn�t think that the situation can be improved. Fortunately, we were recommended a great dog behavior therapist Glenda Cohen who lives in our area. We contacted Glenda and she started working with us. Glenda has made a miracle! She addressed all our concerns and has provided us with a lot of tools, recommendations and advices. The training has produced amazing results: our dog became very respectful of us, and we don�t have any problems with his behavior any more. Glenda is a brilliant dog trainer and an outstanding dog behavior therapist! I would highly recommend calling Glenda Cohen if you have any problems with your dog.
Alexander L., Rockville, Maryland 5th June 2015

I called Bark Busters to help me learn how to manage my newly adopted Pit Bull, Ruckus. Ruckus is very loving, but I began to notice he was very territorial of me to the point where he would bark and growl at me if I did not pay attention to him at his demand. When I had guests over, he would bark and growl at them. He was completely running the show, and I didn't know how to put myself back in charge. Glenda came out and helped me gain control back. After our first 2 hour session, I felt like I had an entirely different dog. The tools and techniques she gave me worked like magic. I now had a dog who listened and respected me and understood he was no longer in the dominant position. On our second session, we worked on techniques to help me be in more control during our walks outside. Before Glenda came, Ruckus would DRAG me down the sidewalk and become agitated when he saw other dogs. It made it hard for me to enjoy walking him, and he ended up getting shorted because I didn't feel like I could manage him on a leash for long periods of time outside. With Glenda's help and guidance during our next 1 hour session, I have a completely different dog. He now walks beside me, and is not so easily excited and distracted. This is so great because I can take him on longer walks and help him get out some of his energy! Glenda truly is a miracle worker! I can't believe how much progress Ruckus has made in such a short period of time. Her tips and techniques really work and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who has issues with their dog. Ruckus needed some guidance, and I myself needed guidance on how to help him. I got the guidance I needed and so much more! Thank you, Glenda!!!!!
Nikki S., Germantown, Maryland 3rd April 2015

I have had the best three days in over two years that I have had in a long time. I love my dog like she is my daughter her name is Layla. My beautiful girl was so aggressive when people would walk by our home outside that she has literally broke two windows from hitting them with her paws. This had cost lots of money because she was cut both times one was an emergency visit to an animal hospital and this past time it was an emergency visit at the vet. I was terrified that if this continued that the outcome would be even more serious. I was lost and didn't know what to do. I researched the Internet and found the most amazing woman Glenda Cohen she has only been to the house once at this point and I already feel so much less stressed and my little girl hasn't even been at the window since her first day here and I am going to tell u it is sooooo nice. Layla seems a lot happier herself not getting so upset because of people around the house. I don't have enough words to thank this miracle woman who has come into our home and made such a huge change in it already. I am blessed to have found her for me but more importantly my baby girl. I could go on and on for hours praising her I couldn't believe the difference in such a short time. My family has been so excited to see the. Hanged in her as well. My mom's dog was there for training as well her name is Brittany and there were times that our two dogs would not get along because of treats and Brittany would be in our face begging while we try to eat. The same day after our training my mom and I ordered some food and neither dog even came around me while I was eating. It was a great feeling as well. Thanks so much Glenda you are truly amazing and I can not lie I had doubts at first but NOT ANYMORE...... she knows what she is doing and how to train you to be a better pet owner.
Kimberly F., Rockville, Maryland 24th March 2015

Glenda and Barkbusters to the rescue! When we brought a second dog into the home it created a rivalry that was beyond our control and lots of marking that was destructive and a daily cleaning event. In the first visit, we had a thorough understanding of the root of the problem and real actionable steps that we could take to address (that were easy to follow and fit into our busy schedule). Within a week, the dogs stopped marking. We made subtle changes to the environment and established clear human leadership. The bonus lessons about getting the dogs to come and communicating on other matters were just icing on the cake.
Crista G., Cabin John, Maryland 20th March 2015

Previous to "our" training we had three wonderful brats, all wanting to "lead" and "mark" their home. To an extent they obeyed, however, now I know that not really... Within the first two hours we had pretty well behaved owners and dogs, we now wait to go out, have not had a marking incident in two weeks (woo hoo!) and are now able to feel more relaxed and tranquil. The house is now quiet and I don't have to wait for the attack of loving dogs... I even learned how to correctly walk the dog, without him walking me! Well worth the time and expense...I recommend it to everyone with brats like mine (now well behaved!),they are even getting to know and like Glenda, the therapist.
Rosa A., Olney, Maryland 26th December 2014

At first, I was very skeptical of the outcomes that Bark Busters claims they can achieve. Review after review of Bark Busters and Glenda claimed that it was like having a new puppy after the first session. However, we were desperate for help with our newly rescued puppy, so we gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly the desired outcomes were achieved. Glenda has a talent for explaining the methods in such a way that is easy to understand and incorporate. The reason this is so effective is because Glenda focuses on the owners, to teach them to communicate more effectively, resulting in rapid and effective behavior modification. The techniques employed are simple, and resulted in immediate success. We rescued a puppy that is very active, independent, and easily distracted, which is a perfect combination for misbehavior. With Glenda's help, through the use of effective communication and positive reinforcement, there is no question in her mind who the leaders of our household are. We can now be proud of her because of how well behaved she is. I recommend Bark Busters to someone almost every day at the park or around our apartment complex because it is worth every penny.
Julian T., Rockville, Maryland 2nd December 2014

We were very pleased with the first lesson which was not only for Winston but for us to continue with his training. Winston took to Glenda right away and responded to her training immediately.
Melissa B., Gaithersburg, Maryland 25th October 2014

We have used Bark Busters since Toby was a puppy, which was almost 3 years ago and we have never been disappointed! Now we have moved to MD from VA and Bark Busters has still been there for us and Toby. Glenda was timely in her response to my initial email and was able to make an appointment within a reasonable time frame. She showed up on time and was very helpful with her advice regarding Toby and his defensive aggression. I am grateful to both Glenda and Bark Busters for helping Toby and me through the bumps in the road! I'm glad we can always count on them :)
Lucy C., Olney, Maryland 23rd October 2014

Glenda has helped us with our 6 yr old 80# black lab. He was not leash trained and had a variety of bad behaviors. She has provided us with a lot of tools that are already working. We are very happy and look forward to continuing our training.
Cheri R., Potomac, Maryland 17th September 2014

Glenda was very, very helpful to me. My 3 year mixed breed rescue was anxious and becoming increasingly aggressive toward strangers, children, trucks (!), runners, and cyclists on walks. She helped me take charge and see his strengths, allowing me to enjoy walking with him again.
Janeane M., Rockville, Maryland 16th September 2014

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